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Accessibility Included

A Human-to-Human Approach to Incorporating Accessibility from the Ground Up


“Fix this.” “Modify that.” “ “Bring in a consultant to deal with your bias.” It all sounds like a boatload of money if you don’t understand the purpose behind it.

In reality, the fixes, modifications, and eradication of biases is almost always necessary to ensure an equitable experience for all involved. Research shows that tackling access and inclusion barriers is universally beneficial, regardless of whether or not one has a disability. The problem isn’t that these improvements are too costly or cumbersome. Rather the entire question has been framed incorrectly.

In Accessibility Included, The authors present an alternative perspective to the scarcity mindset that has historically divided businesses and advocates. Access and profit are not mutually exclusive. Rather, they are symbiotic. Done properly implementing the principles in this book will lead to a virtuous circle with wide ranging implications.

This book addresses a litany of misconceptions, replacing them with greater understanding and insight. It also provides businesses a suite of tips and tricks to get started, no matter what stage of the journey they are at. You can do well and do good, even in challenging economic times. It’s time to elevate your business.


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